Fit to Fly Certificates: Everything you need to know for international travel

Fit to Fly Certificates: Everything you need to know for international travel

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A lot has changed over the last 18 months since the start of the pandemic, with the majority of people unable to fly abroad. International work trips, visits to loved ones or simply to take a well-deserved holiday have been non-existent. However, with a Fit to Fly Certificate, you’re now able to freely travel aboard again.

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, flights have begun to open up. But there are new rules in place which you must adhere to in order to be able to fly. 

COVID-19 Travel Regulations

If you are planning to travel internationally this year, whether that be for business or pleasure, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The testing criteria is constantly changing, so it’s always best to check with both your airline, and the FCO to establish what your specific requirements are. 

Check the latest guidelines on foreign travel advice from the UK Government here. Don’t forget, you must also check what you’ll need to do if you will be returning to the UK here.

There are two types of ‘Fit to Fly’ Certificates:

  • Standard Fit to Fly Certificate
  • COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate

What’s the difference between the two?

A Standard Fit to Fly Certificate is a letter signed by a doctor who is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) confirming you are able to fly. A GP will assess your pre-existing medical condition(s) and state it will not be adversely affected by flying. 

Your certificate is also stamped by a clinic, such as ours, that’s accredited with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

A COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate includes all of the above, plus confirmation of a recent, independent, negative test for COVID-19.

When would I need a standard Fit to Fly Certificate?

Airlines may require a standard fit to fly certificate of you are: 

  • Recently discharged from hospital
  • Recovering from an operation 
  • More than 28 weeks pregnant 
  • Travelling for medical purposes

We recommend you contact your airline with as much notice as possible. Please ensure you are able to obtain your certificate in time for your scheduled flight. Timings may vary, so be sure to plan in advance.

COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate

Put simply, a COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate is a letter which confirms that a recent negative test result for Coronavirus, declaring you fit to fly aboard. Unfortunately, NHS COVID-19 testing results are not suitable for travel certification. You must undertake an independent test in order to travel abroad.  Timing is of the essence and can vary depending on the destination, airline or both. Again, do ensure you plan ahead to avoid disappointment. 

How and where can I have my test done? 

If you need a Fit to Fly Certificate, our expert team are on hand to help. We offer both ‘in clinic’ and ‘at home’ testing.

If you prefer a home test, please allow a considerate amount of time to complete this process, allowing up to 48 hours for the test to arrive once you’ve processed your order online.

Can you test my whole family?

As well as adults, we also offer tests for babies, infants and children or any age at our central London clinic.

How long is a COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate valid for? 

Remember, each airline and country will have their own requirements. Certifications are only valid for a short amount of time, so be sure to check the requirements and take you test within the correct time frame.

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