Understanding Occupational Health Management Referrals

Occupational health management referrals are a crucial tool for employers in the UK to support the health and well-being of their employees. These referrals involve seeking professional advice from an occupational health provider to assess an employee’s fitness for work, manage health-related absences, and identify necessary workplace adjustments or support.

When to Make an Occupational Health Management Referral

Employers should consider making an occupational health management referral in the following situations:

  • When an employee has been absent from work due to illness or injury for a prolonged period
  • When an employee’s health condition is impacting their work performance or attendance
  • When an employee has a disclosed health condition that requires workplace adjustments or support
  • When there are concerns about an employee’s ability to carry out their job duties safely
  • When an employee is returning to work after a significant illness or injury

Key Elements to Include in an Occupational Health Management Referral

To ensure a comprehensive and effective referral, employers should include the following information:

Employee Details

  • Name, job title, and department
  • Length of employment and current working hours
  • Contact information

Reason for Referral

  • Clear description of the health concern or issue prompting the referral
  • Details of any relevant absences, including dates and durations
  • Impact of the health issue on work performance or attendance

Job Information

  • Detailed job description, including key duties and responsibilities
  • Physical and mental demands of the role
  • Work environment and any specific hazards or risks

Medical Information

Specific Questions for the Occupational Health Provider

  • Employee’s fitness for work and any limitations or restrictions
  • Recommended workplace adjustments or support measures
  • Likelihood of recurrent absences or future health concerns
  • Anticipated return-to-work date and any phased return plan

Making the Most of an Occupational Health Management Referral

To maximize the benefits of an occupational health management referral, employers should:

Provide Comprehensive and Accurate Information

Ensure that all relevant information is included in the referral to enable the occupational health provider to make informed recommendations. Incomplete or inaccurate information can lead to delays or less effective outcomes.

Communicate Clearly with the Employee

Explain the purpose and process of the referral to the employee, addressing any concerns and obtaining their consent. Maintain open lines of communication throughout the referral process, keeping the employee informed of progress and next steps.

Act on Occupational Health Recommendations

Carefully consider the recommendations provided by the occupational health provider and take appropriate action to implement any suggested workplace adjustments or support measures. Engage with the employee to ensure they are comfortable with the proposed changes and monitor their effectiveness over time.

Foster a Supportive Work Environment

Create a work environment that promotes open communication about health concerns and encourages employees to seek support when needed. Provide training for managers on how to handle sensitive health-related discussions and promote a culture of well-being.

Partnering with London City Healthcare

London City Healthcare is a leading provider of occupational health services in the UK, offering expert guidance and support for employers managing employee health issues. By partnering with London City Healthcare for occupational health management referrals, employers can benefit from:

  • Experienced occupational health physicians and nurses who provide thorough assessments and tailored recommendations
  • Streamlined referral processes and secure online platforms for efficient case management
  • Comprehensive reports and advice to help employers make informed decisions about employee health and well-being
  • Ongoing support and guidance to ensure the effective implementation of workplace adjustments and support measures


Occupational health management referrals are a valuable tool for promoting employee well-being and managing health-related issues in the workplace. By including comprehensive information in the referral, communicating effectively with employees, and acting on expert recommendations, employers can create a supportive work environment that benefits both individual employees and the organisation as a whole. Partnering with experienced occupational health providers like London City Healthcare ensures that employers have access to the specialist expertise and resources needed to manage complex health situations and promote a healthy, productive workforce.

Dr Amun Kalia

Dr Amun Kalia

Dr. Kalia helps to run the Occupational Medicine provision for London City healthcare and is a company doctor for one of the largest multinational companies based in the UK.

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