Dr. Shabana Chaudhari


Dr Shabana Chaudhari

Specialist Skills

  • 20 years' Private GP experience
  • Specialist GP Registration
  • Female & Family Health
  • Dermatology
  • Occupational Health

Personal Profile

Dr. Shabana Chaudhari is an expert Private Doctor with over twenty years’ clinical experience.

Following several years as a specialist hospital doctor, as well as having held a number of teaching positions, Shabana obtained her MRCGP (specialist GP Registration) in 2002.

During her role as a GP Partner in Dulwich, South London, Shabana was Clinical Lead in both Child Health, Mental Health and Chronic Disease Management.

With post-graduate qualifications in Female and Family Health, Dermatology and Occupational Medicine, Shabana is able to diagnose, treat and manage the most challenging of conditions.

Noted for her empathy and understanding, Shabana is rightly one of the most popular Private Doctors in London.

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