Ian Wilkinson

BSc. Physiotherapy, MCSP, MHCPC, MAACP

Chartered Physiotherapist

Ian Wilkinson

Specialist skills

  • 17 years' post-graduate experience
  • Sports injuries and rehabilitation (especially running)
  • Biomechanics and postural dysfunction
  • Pre/Post surgical rehabilitation

Personal Profile

With over 17 years of Physiotherapy experience Ian has travelled extensively working in NZ, the UK and Australia, giving him a wealth of  experience managing complex conditions.

After graduating from Otago University in New Zealand in 2000 Ian went on to work in both hospitals and the private sector. In doing so he has built a deep knowledge and understanding of biomechanics, the rehabilitation of sporting injuries and postural dysfunction.

Ian has a keen interested in lower limb and shoulder injuries particularly caused by overloading and compensatory movement patterns. He uses various techniques and approaches to get positive outcomes for his patients, which involve a combination of hands-on manual therapy, acupuncture and improving movement through motor control.

Ian uses functional rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation and has a certificate in applied functional science and is a Certified Acupuncturist through the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and a Certified Personal Trainer. He is Certified to Level 4 Trauma and Medical Management by the Football Association, trained in both Pilates and Kinetic control and holds a Certificate in Applied Functional Science.

When not working with LCP, Ian also works for Tottenham Hotspur Academy. He also enjoys skateboarding and is an avid runner.

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