Pilates in the City of London

London City Pilates

What makes our Pilates service special?

London City Healthcare is formed by a team of expert, extensively qualified specialists and instructors who work alongside Physiotherapists and Doctors in a unique, collaborative setting offering corrective exercise, mat, reformer and equipment Pilates. 

One-to-one sessions and a variety of small group classes are available in our boutique studio to allow you to achieve your rehabilitation and exercise goals. The studio has state-of-the-art equipment (including all spring-based equipment) inlcuding; cadillac, reformer, trapeze tower, wunda chair, TRX, weights and cable-motion strength tower.


With a maximum of six people per class, our mat classes are both dynamic and enjoyable.  The Physiotherapy approved repertoire means each class, whether it’s Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Circuit, will allow to you to practice Pilates with the confidence you will safely achieve your rehab or exercise goals.

£10 Pilates Taster

If you’ve ever wondered what makes people fall in love with Pilates, or wished to try our studio, our taster option is for you. Try your first class for just £10.

Starter Package – £80

If you’d like to get the most Pilates, we’d strongly recommend an individual session first, followed by a couple of classes. With one private training session and two mat classes, our Starter Package is outstanding value. Single use only.

One to One

Enjoy the privacy and individual attention of a one-on-one session with our expert trainers, benefiting from a programme designed to meet your specific needs. In our spacious gym/studio you will have access to all the latest equipment, which is available to support your session. For more details, see our Personal Training page.

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