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Remote desk assessments nationwide

Nationwide workstation assessment

With many people reporting discomfort and pain from working at home, a workstation assessment is essential in order to manage personal health and business risks. 

With rapid access to an expert team, we can provide a remote workstation assessment service, which also includes personal advice about how to reduce pain or discomfort.

How it works

Individual reports pain or discomfort

Individual (or HR) books remote assessment

Desk assessment, medical advice and report to HR

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Workstation assessments for those working at home

If any of your colleagues report pain or discomfort whilst working at home, you need to provide them with a workstation assessment. It’s a very straight forward process, we’ll take care of things for you in one simple phone call. 

As well as providing a clinically-led service, giving you and your colleagues expert advice, we also take care of all the administration too. That means you won’t need to co-ordinate lots of diaries and reports. Individuals can book their own assessments online, at a time to suit, we’ll do the work and then send you a full report (subject to consent).

Each assessment includes a full clinical history, ergonomic assessment, task analysis, postural review and advice. Because our team are highly qualified Physiotherapists, they’re able to give insightful advice about exercises to avoid any problems getting worse right there and then. That’s a service that many occupational health providers just can’t provide.

Every assessment includes a full report for the business (subject to consent) detailing the current situation and advice provided, which helps you manage your risks effectively. If individuals have a problem that needs medical support and they have medical insurance, we can even provide a course of Physiotherapy starting the same day too.

Our expert workstation assessment team

Martine Cooper

Martine Cooper, Chartered Physiotherapist

With over twenty years' experience, Martine is a work station ergonomist registered with IOSH and an expert at treating problems related to work related upper limb disorders.

Nkechi Odor

Nkechi Odor, Chartered Physiotherapist

With over ten years' experience, Nkechi has an MSc. in Manual Therapy and is an orthopaedic expert. Nkechi is also an Extended Scope Practitioner, the highest level of practising Physiotherapist.

Please feel free to contact our team at any time for any further information, assistance or support.

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