Sarah Woodhouse

Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Physiotherapist

Specialist skills

Personal Profile

Intent on learning from the best, Sarah sought her professional training from some of the most highly respected international teachers in the field, including one of Pilates original teachers Ron Fletcher. She has completed two comprehensive training programmes in Pilates, which include the entire range of Pilates equipment and matwork. She is also a certified personal trainer, weight management consultant, swissball and bosu trainer.

Establishing her own Pilates, Health and Fitness studio ‘The Studio Sai Kung’ in Hong Kong for nine years enabled her to gather a wealth of teaching experience from beginner to advanced students, professional athletes – in group class and private teaching settings.

Since 2007 she has been a Faculty member for Fletcher Pilates Inc, which has given her the opportunity to train new teachers in Pilates and provide continuing education to qualified teachers. In this role she has presented at conferences internationally and taught teacher training courses in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, UK, Australia, Germany and the Middle East.

From her own experience and the many years of teaching she has come to place great importance on helping clients understand why they are in pain and educating them to use their bodies in ways that alleviate it and prevent re-injury. Sarah also writes and teaches her own mentoring programmes.

Sarah equally loves the fitness aspect of Pilates, helping clients to find their full movement potential and pushing fit students to find the detail in the work that makes the difference between a workout … and a really tough workout.

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