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City of London Sexual Health Service

London City Healthcare provide rapid access to a discreet private Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing service. The first step if you need a sexual health test is to have an initial consultation with a doctor, which is necessary to provide any of our tests. 

Sexual Health Consultation - £75

After a detailed history and, if required, an examination, we’ll be able to guide you through the most appropriate tests to consider. Results are often available the same day and early screening post-contact (from 10 days) is also available.​

Quick Check £75

Suitable for testing from 14 days after potential exposure, our Quick Check tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

Core Profile £110

Tests for the most common STI's. Accurate from four weeks after potential exposure, the test is quick and easy.

Enhanced Pack £215

Covers the main presenting risks from sexual activity and has been designed for men who have had sex with men.

Platinum Profile £315

Covering 11 major STI's our Platinum Profile is the most sensible next step to take if you'd like to check everything.

Clinic Locations

City of London

Our Flagship clinic is adjacent to Mansion House tube, moments from Bank, Cannon Street, Blackfriars and St. Paul’s.

Canary Wharf

Our Canary Wharf clinic is within the Citigroup Centre, moments from the DLR, Jubilee Line, Canada Square and Heron Quays station.


 *Although we can’t guarantee to have an appointment available unless you contact us first, we’ll always be pleased to help as much as we can if you call in person.

Our specialist team of Doctors

Many of Doctors have specialist Diploma’s in sexual and reproductive health and are highly experienced in advising and consulting on the matter.

If you do have a positive result from any of the tests we provide, we’re pleased to be able to provide follow-up treatment advice and support, including private prescriptions, included within our package fees. If you do wish to see the doctor again in person, an additional consultation fee will need to apply.

Our laboratory testing partner was selected because of their specific clinical expertise, the highest levels of Clinical Pathology Approval and their many years of ISO accreditation.

We use anonymous patient IDs and robust technology to ensure quick and accurate analysis of your samples.

Why should I get tested?​

Unprotected sexual activity can be very risky and many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) don’t cause any symptoms, although they can cause lots of problems if they remain undiagnosed and untreated.

We’ve designed our sexual health screens for patients who’ve had recent unprotected sex or are just looking for peace of mind. Our doctors will always provide considered and sensitive advice about the different tests available, to help you make an informed decision.

Incubation periods

Sexually transmitted infections require have an incubation period before they can become detectable. Some infections take widely different amounts of time before they can be detected in a lab testing sample.

Although we understand it may be concerning, you should ideally wait 2-3 weeks post-exposure for bacterial infections such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea and 28 days following exposure for viral infections such as HIV.

We do offer early detection tests that can detect an infection shortly after potential exposure, however, we would recommend a follow-up standard test four weeks later too.

Early Detection HIV Test – a small blood test that can detect an HIV infection from 10 days after potential exposure to the virus and costs £118.50

Early Detection Package – a small blood test for HIV, hepatitis B & C, and syphilis. The HIV test is accurate from 10 days post exposure. The package is £218.50.

Tests if you already have symptoms

Many people with STIs don’t have any obvious symptoms, although if you do already have some symptoms, then we’re able to provide rapid access to expert advice and support. Many of our GPs have specialist sexual health qualifications too.

Burning Whilst Passing Urine

Experiencing a burning sensation when you pass urine, or any kind of discharge from your urethra, are common signs of Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea. We’re able to provide a rapid test to confirm or exclude the infections, with same day results.

Genital Ulcers

Developing ulcers on or around your genitals could be a symptom of Herpes, although they can also be a symptom of Syphilis. We’d generally suggest testing for other infections too, if you do have ulcers.

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