Specialist referral

Specialist Referral

Our team of doctors are able to provide independent advice and access the most renowned Consultant Specialists in the country.

Because we are not owned or aligned with any particular insurer or private hospital group, we’re able to recommend support based purely upon your presenting clinical need. We think that choice is at the very heart of high quality independent care.

All our private doctors have many years’ experience practising privately in the City, which has helped us to compile a highly refined “little black book” of specialist contacts, all of whom are experts in their fields. 

Our doctors will only ever make a recommendation based upon multiple sources of reference and personal experience. We do not view merely selecting a name from a hospital referrer’s guide (which is alarmingly common practice) as an appropriate standard of care.

Do I need a referral to see a Specialist?

Although many consultants will see patients on a private basis without a referral, the British Medical Association (BMA) consider it is best practice for patients to be referred for treatment by a GP because there may be alternative approaches or interventions to consider – a doctor can advise if a referral is truly necessary.

Many private insurers will request a referral from a GP before treatment can be authorised or paid for, however, many policies vary greatly and you should check with your private medical insurer before commencing any treatment. Most UK-originated private medical policies do not cover GP visits in the UK, although many international policies do cover primary care, although you will usually need to pay first and then reclaim the cost.

How quickly can i get a referral?

In most cases a referral to a Consultant can be made instantly and, depending upon the specific nature of your presenting condition, it is unlikely you’ll need to wait long to be seen by a Consultant. However, some of the Consultant specialists can be very busy at certain times of the year and, like most of us, they do also take holidays from time-to-time.

In the rare cases when a Consultant we recommend may not be able to see you at a time that suits, we will, of course, be able to suggest alternative contacts.

Where will I be referred to?

That depends solely upon the nature of your presenting condition. Although there are some incredible facilities and specialists right on our doorstep in the City, there are also centres of unique specialism (especially for gynaecology, fertility and psychological or psychiatric support) dotted around the City.

You can be assured that when we recommend any specialist care, we’re basing our opinions solely on what we think is in your best interests, rather than because we’re part of a hospital group or insurer.

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