Workstation assessments in London

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Get a workstation assessment fixed up for your business in one simple phone call

If you need a workstation assessment in London, we’ll take care of things for you in one simple phone call. As well as providing a clinically-led service, giving you and your colleagues expert advice, we also take care of all the administration too. That means you won’t need to co-ordinate lots of diaries and reports.

Each assessment includes a full clinical history, ergonomic assessment and task analysis, postural review and advice, with an environmental assessment of the workstation including photometric testing. Every assessment includes a comprehensive report detailing the current situation and advice provided.

Appointments are usually completed within five working days of a request, with summary or detailed reports provided within 48 hours of the assessment.

  • Quick and expert service
  • Detailed workstation assessment
  • Comprehensive reporting

Just call 020 7236 3334 or use the contact form for more info or to make an appointment.

Tips to avoid pain and improve your posture at work

London City workstation assessment
  1. Seat – hips level or higher than knees
  2. Back rest – sit back in chair & use back rest to sit up tall
  3. Screen distance – recommended 50cm – 1m from eyes depending on eye sight
  4. Screen height – perpendicular to the line of sight, top tool bar at eye level or below
  5. Arm rest – should not prevent sitting close to desk
  6. Keyboard and mouse – should be within easy reach, with arms relaxed by side
  7. Seek expert help quickly if pain presents
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